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How do you describe an Aurora? Why do people travel thousands of miles in the hopes of seeing one in person? Because it is truly one of the most spectacular phenomenon in the world, and to see it yourself is a once in a lifetime experience.

Living in Alaska means that we can easily step outside of our homes, look up and experience this incredible beauty when it appears. It often makes you forget the brutally cold winters because the sight is so majestic.

A friend once asked me what I thought the Aurora would smell like in soap when I was talking about trying to capture it, and I said - just like a cold winter evening - hint of pine, dash of cool peppermint, and a mystery blend of other scents (Valencia orange, bergamot, wild berries, primrose, violet, clove leaf, purple lilac, twigs and white musk) that are similar to standing outside watching the Lady Lights dance.

Here is my take on trying to capture one of the most ephemeral experiences of Alaska into soap form. (The last photo was taken by me from the window of a plane as we flew over the mountains)


  • Please check the colors, size, scent, etc., before you purchase.

    Returns are not accepted on soap, but please contact me if there is a problem with your order.

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