Here we are with another exciting beer soap, the Raspberry Gose. 

I am learning all about the different kinds of beer that can be made through this collaboration with Lat65 brewery. 

A Gose is originally a German beer that is a blend of sour and salt, whether it was from the original water or added to the process. It’s fascinating!!  The Lat65 Raspberry Gose definitely lands on the sour spectrum, which is delicious. They also have a Classic Gose (and yes we have a soap of this too) that is more dominantly salty. 

Beer produces a soap with a creamy conditioning lather and lots of bubbles. And the hops contain skin softening amino acids, which can help soothe irritated and inflamed skin. Brewers yeast can act as an antibacterial agent! 

And what about the salt? Guess what - salt is a humectant, meaning it draws moisture to your skin, helps retain moisture and is gently exfoliating.

This soap is fragranced with a bright, fresh raspberry scent.

Rapsberry Gose