Have I mentioned how much I love beer soap??? Well what about cider soap?? 
In an exciting new adventure, Lat65 (an amazing brewery here in Fairbanks) and I have teamed up once again to make a new soap.

Introducing……Dry Apple Cider. 

This beautiful soap has all of the moisturizing and nourishing oils and butters that all of the soaps do. And it is made with a base of Lat65 apple cider, so you get the extra oomph of minerals and nutrients similar to our other beer soaps. 

Beer produces a soap with a creamy conditioning lather and lots of bubbles. And the hops contain skin softening amino acids, which can help soothe irritated and inflamed skin. Brewers yeast can act as an antibacterial agent! 

The fragrance is a delicious, crisp apple, almost reminiscent of the Country Apple fragrance popular with Bath and Body Works so long ago.

Dry Apple Cider